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    (073) 720-0-720, (096) 720-0-720

Material: Carbon
Diameter:  .166 series
Grains Per Inch: 7.4 (450 spine)
Straightness Tolerance: ± .001"
Weight Tolerance: ± 0.5 grain
Available Spines: 355, 450, 550, 630
Uncut length (approx): 31"
Included components: Pin bushing and victory pin nock.
Optimal for: Long range target shooting. Field and WA/ FITA Outdoor.

  • Durable, 100% carbon construction.
  • Parallel taper design for faster arrow recovery in flight.
  • Improved clearance and reduced wind drift
  • Micro diameter ideal for long range shooting.
  • Range of spines to suit archers of different statures.
  • Digitally spine aligned for shot to shot consistency.
  • Special coating for easy removal from targets.

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