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The hunting arrows VAP Elite, Gamer and Sport are micro-diameter arrows made of 100% hi-modulus carbon fiber. If you are looking for Speed with unmatched penetration then look no further. The Victory VAP Hunting shaft was designed by composite engineers & archers to out perform and out penetrate all other shafts in the market. The VAP shaft combines the deadly combination of a micro outer diameter while maximizing kinetic energy, accuracy and penetration making it by far the most powerful, accurate hunting arrow on the market. With straightness tolerances of +/-.001 and tight weight tolerances, coupled with Victory’s Spine alignment process the VAP is unmatched. The VAP has a variety of precision 7075 aluminium and stainless steel components that help increase the EFOC (Extreme Forward of Center) design which offers ultimate long range accuracy and penetration for that animal of a lifetime.

  • 100% Hi-Modulus carbon fiber for strength and durability
  • Micro outer diameter – constant ID for maximum speed penetration
  • Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating improves penetration and allows for easy removal from targets
  • 7075 Aluminium components
  • VAP arrows are sorted to +/-0.5 of grain weight per dozen.
  • Spine aligned for increased accuracy and tighter grouping
  • 100% hand fletched
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