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    (073) 720-0-720, (096) 720-0-720

Mass Weight     1225 gram
Length     25 inch
Material     Aluminum
Finish     Anodized, Matte Finish
Limb Fitting     Formula
Handedness     LH, RH

Hoyt Xi the way to success. Featuring the Hoyt paraleveler pocket system, hands down to the winningest system in recent archery history.

Premier Technologies
String tension technology. This unprecedented advancement and innovation in recurve archery allows you to adjust the string tension to customize the feel of your limbs. By making small adjustments to the limb rockers, three distinct settings make the limb feel shorter or longer without altering the tune of the bow.
Vertatune clicker plate. The Xceed comes standard with three options of vertatune plates, high, middle and low positions for optimized tuning and performance regardless of the shooting style.
Pro series dovetail adjustments and tiller bolt. Built to maximize accuracy, consistency and convenience, our new dovetail adjustment block allows micro adjustments for an ultra-precise tune all while the bow is under tension of the bowstring. The tiller bolts create a rock-solid connection of limbs to the riser/handle.

Integrated Pocket Weight System. Formula Pocket Weights (sold separately) provide shooters with advanced options to customize the feel of their bow by adding weight to the upper and/or lower section. Of the bow riser. When installed, these custom weights become integrated with the riser for a clean, sleek, vibration free fit. Weight 2.25 oz each for a total of up to 4.5 oz when both top and bottom weights are installed. Compatible with Formula Faktor, Formula X and Formula Xi risers.

Dynamic Flex Control. Every section of the riser has been meticulously engineered
to control flex throughout the entire shot cycle. Maximizing efficiency and improving accuracy. This is the most accurate recurve riser we've ever built.
Dynamic Balance Design. By engineering more of the riser mass to the pocket ends
we've created our most balanced recurve riser ever. This specific weight distribution also creates a very crisp, clean shot for ultimate accuracy and consistent One shot and you’ll immediately feel the difference.

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