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The usage of highly concentrated epoxy that is optimized to the ZEST

Through the development and usage of highly concentrated epoxy that is optimized to feature of the limbs, the response to environmental temperature change, impact resistance and elastic restoring force of limbs that occurs while shooting has been improved effectively.

The ZEST was created through various tests.

In order to improve problems regarding limbs, (including lowering pounds through various temperature and humidity changes) we’ve checked and had various tests such as dry fire testing, harsh environment testing of 100℃, etc. As a result, we’ve secured a highly consistent technique of pounds under any circumstance.

ILF / F-series

Wood core, Fabric Carbon and Unidirectional high modulus carbon

Short (66″) / Medium (68″) / Long (70″)

available in 32 to 48 Ibs. In 2 Ib, increments

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