Производитель: PSE
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    (073) 720-0-720, (096) 720-0-720


Mass Weight     2041 gram
Draw Length     24.0 - 30.5 inch
Poundage     30 - 60 lbs
Factory Speed     323 fps
Axle to Axle     37 inch
Brace Height     7.5 inch
Let-off %     75 %
Material     Aluminium
Finish     Anodized

The 2021 PSE Lazer is loaded with premium features at half the price of other high-performance target bows on the market. Built on a straight riser for additional stiffness and stability, the Lazer is engineered with a 7.5″ brace height, 1/4″ axles, and is powered by PSE’s new NF cam for a smooth and amazingly consistent shot.

The Lazer is also designed to adjust to the way you shoot, with two front stabilizer mounts, an adjustable cable guard, and a draw length range of 24″-30.5″.

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