Блочный лук Prime Centergy 33
Grip placed centrally in the vertical plane of the bow, to hugely alter the balance of t..
Блочный лук Prime Centergy 35 (Hybrid)
Versitile axle to axle length for those who want one bow for all their archery needs.Grip placed&nbs..
Блочный лук Prime Compound Bow Centergy X1 36
The all-new Prime Centergy X1 features a centre balanced targeting system and smart riser technolo..
Блочный лук Prime One STX 36 V2
Блочный лук Prime One STX 36 V2 модель 2017 года ATA: 36” Draw Length: 23.5”-30” Brace Heig..
Блочный лук Prime One STX 39 V2
блочный лук Prime Compound Bow One STX 39 V2 модель 2017 ATA: 39” Draw Length: 24.5”-30.5” ..
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