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Competition archers compete at many levels.  From professional circuits to weekend local 3-D tournaments, shooters demand the most from their equipment.  We decided to go directly to the source for the latest edition of the Fanatic.  We trust and respect our professional archer’s input and use that knowledge to build the best performing bows on the planet.

New improvements featured on the Fanatic 3.0

  • 10% stiffer riser = more consistency
  • New grip geometry = improved stability
  • New rear stabilizer mount
  • Increased string and cable strand count = virtually no creep
  • Additional sight bracket threads

The Fanatic Advantage:  No other bow offers as much customization to the shooter.

  • Optional let-off modules (65 or 80%)
  • Optional draw stop configurations (Triangle or round)
  • OverDrive Binary Cam System offers more tuning capabilities than any other cam system.  Period.
  • PowerShift Technology allows the shooter to choose his/her own preferred feel.  No other bow does this.
  • Cam choices!  2 cam sizes allow shooter to maximize efficiency no matter what draw length


Material: Aluminium

Axle to Axle: 37.75"

Bracing Height: 7"

Mass Weight: 4.7lbs

Let-off: 80%

Draw Length Options: 24"-29"

Speed Rating: 320fps

Cam: OverDrive Binary

Limb: Split Limb

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