Блочный лук Bear Apprentice III
Спецификация:Brace height: 6"Axle to Axle: 27 1/2" IBO Speed: 265 fps. Let-off: 70%Weight: 2.9 lb..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Arena 30
Ultra light mass weight for easy handling.6.5" bracing height for the perfect combination of speed a..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Arena 34
THE SUPER-DELUXE, slightly bigger brother of the Arena 30, the new Arena 34 adds four inches to the..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Attitude Package
Specifications: Brace height: 7 1/4" Axle to Axle: 31" IBO Speed: 310 fps. Let-..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Bow Empire
Packed with performance. A worthwhile bow must be an efficient, precision tool that any hunter ca..
Блочный лук Bear Archery BR33
FOR FAR TOO LONG there’s been an assumption that a hybrid-cam bow puts speed over single-cam soul. ..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Compound Bow Ls Kuma 30
Weight 4.1 LBSBrace Height 6"Axle-to-Axle 30"Let Off 75%Draw Weight 60 LBS, 70 LBSDraw Length Range ..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Crux
Блочный лук Bear Archery CruxSpecifications Speed (IBO): 320 Weight: 4lbs Brace height: 7.5" ..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Cruzer Package
Increadable draw weight range from 5-45lbs.Lightweight bow at only 3.2lbs.Highly adjustable for the ..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Escape
Increadable speed rating at 350fps.Hybrid cam system offering a smooth draw and forgiving shot.Inbui..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Kuma
• The Kuma Legend Series offers the best of both worlds bringing together speed and comfort• Hybrid ..
Блочный лук Bear Archery LS6
Impressive speed in with a highly shootable hybrid cam.Top and bottom string suppressers for vi..
Блочный лук Bear Archery LST
Built with the needs of target archers in mind.Forgiving 7.5 inch bracing height.Stable 37.5" axle t..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Moment
High performance design.Impressive arrow speeds.Hinge style, torque reducing cable guard.Axle to Axl..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Traxx RTH Package
Блочный лук с обвесом Bear Archery Traxx RTH Package Hybrid cams delivering impressive arrow speeds..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Tremor
"Tremor" — невероятно тихий и быстрый лук с очень плавной растяжкой, включающий в себя множество..
Блочный лук Bear Archery Youth Bow Package Brave 3
Хороший блочный лук для ребенка Bear Archery Youth Bow Package Brave 3 - отличный подарок мальчику и..
Блочный лук Bear Moment
Compact platform and highly shootable design.Rock solid aim.Smooth draw cycle.Quiet shot with no han..
Блочный лук Bowtech Compound Bow BT MAG
Stable, 36" axle to axle length.Smooth draw cycle.Versatile design ideal for 3D and target shoo..
Блочный лук Bowtech Compound Bow Realm
• Driven to gain every advantage over your game• Precision machine that shoots like a dream• OverDri..
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