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  • Three carbon layers using cross development technology compressed to a reduced diameter adding a high degree if rigidness
  • Applying Insert Technology by means of additional reinforcement of the carbon tubes with internal stabilizer frames.
  • Weights can be mounted in front or behind the damper (direct approach to targets and no decoupling of the weight that is directly placed on the stabilizer)
  • Through its three pillars, the Crosstube damper eliminates vibrations more than twice as fast as conventional dampers. The damper is adjustable in hardness (by addition or removal of the damper elements)
  • Very low susceptibility to wind by only 16mm diameter – independent of wind direction
  • Easy fine-tuning made possible through stainless steel or aluminium weights
  • The short stabilizer comes without damper which is separately available. 
  • The short stabilizer comes with a pre-mounted 40 Gramm Weight.
  • Packaging doubles as a protective cover (transparent  tube)
  • Handmade in Germany (Solingen)


  • Small-diameter three carbon layer using cross development technology rod with only 16mm diameter.
  • Weight: 140 grams at 32" (without weights and damper) - the stiffest rod with this small diameter on the market - 1/4" Arctec modular damping system - stainless steel weight (35 gram) and end weight (45 gram) included.
  • Optional aluminium weights with 15 grams available.

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