Стабилизатор Arctec Pro Hunter Stabilizer
длина 11,5"резьба 5/16"вес 450g..
Стабилизатор B-Stinger Stabilizer SPHX Short
Stabilization with shock absorbing propertiesFeaturing internal Sims harmonic dampner and de-resonat..
Стабилизатор Diamond Acc Stab Octane
Adjustable from 7 to 11 inchesNeutralizes vibrationsAdvanced dampening material..
Стабилизатор Easton Stabilizer Contour Hunter
длина 8", цвет Max-1• The go-to choice for both bowhunters and bowhunter limited class competitors ..
Стабилизатор Fuse Flex Blade Stabilizer 6
Built on the backbone of our revolutionary Carbon Blade, the FlexBlade gives bowhunters a sleek, li..
Стабилизатор Sims Vibration Stabilizer S-Coil 4.5"
Effective and highly affordable option.Removes vibration and sound.Black colour only. ..
Стабилизатор TruGlo Stabilizer Carbon XS STBL with Sling
Vibration and noise reducing composite construction.Designed for balanced energy transfer.Soft feel ..
Стабилизатор TruGlo Stabilizer Tru-Tec Carbon STBL 6" Black
HIGH-MODULUS carbon-fiber rod for superior strengthCarbon-composite exoskeletonTRI-FOIL shape for op..
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