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Replacement String Decelerator mod, pad or bumper for the LimbSaver String Decelerator. Mod is designed to fit all 3/8" cable rods. The pad or bumper has a patented atmospheric air chamber design which cushions the impact. Incorporates LimbSaver's award winning recoil pad break-away technology. Engineered to decelerate at a rate that will stay ahead of the shock wave caused at impact. Designed to reduce nock travel, common with other string stops. Deadens your bow without decreasing speed or accuracy. Simple to install, just remove stock rubber part and slide the decelerator mod onto any 3/8" cable rod. Make sure to align pad to the string impact location. Illustrated installation instructions are included. Each mod is 1.5" long and weighs only 18.43 grams or 0.65oz. Sims - products that work! Move into a quieter zone with Sims Limb Saver String Decelerator Mod, offered in camo or black. When performance counts!

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