Релиз Allen Compact Thumb Activated Release
• Rugged composite construction • Easy to use thumb trigger • Automatically locks on the bow strin..
Релиз Jim Fletcher Release Caliper .44
Designed to reduce horizontal arrow play.Interlocking jaw system. Available with velcro or leat..
Релиз Jim Fletcher Release Fletch Hook
Trigger cover for unique feel.For use with a D-loop.Available with velcro or leather buckle strap...
Релиз Stanislawski Release Element Trainer Lock
Features Trainer Lock, a patent pending innovation from Stanislawski that allows for easy and safe..
Релиз Stanislawski Release Perfex Heavy Metal Long Neck Thumb
 PerfeX Thumb activated long neck release aid • Matte Black anodized aluminum finish • Interc..
Релиз Stanislawski Release PerfeX Short Neck Resistance
Back tension activation.Can be paired with the PerfeX trigger to get the best out of your form.Highl..
Релиз Stanislawski SX3
STAN re-invents the Super X, the latest entrant into the thumb trigger release categoryIncorporates ..
Релиз Tru Ball Abyss Brass
The first of its kind! A brass thumb activated button release, that uses the exact same handle ..
Релиз Tru Ball Draw Velcro Strap L
Отличный тренировочный релиз. Позволяет тренировать прикладку и силу без страха выстрела. С помощью ..
Релиз TRU Ball Release Blade Pro Quicksilver
Heavy weight brass construction with Quicksilver anti-corrosion coating.Thumb trigger style activati..
Релиз TRU Ball Release FulKrum Flex Quicksilver
Precision CNC machined brass construction, for a weighted feel in the hand with anti-corrosion Quick..
Релиз TRU Ball Release GOAT 3 or 4 Finger
Popular 3 or 4 finger model design.Articulating finger pieces.Aluminium / Brass body.Ultra quiet rel..
Релиз TRU Ball Release HT Hybrid Flex 3 or 4 Finger
Aluminium body with brass insert for the option to increase the mass weight.Tapered handle for an er..
Релиз Tru Ball The Blade Pro Brass
The Blade Pro Brass. Latest hand held release aid from Tru Ball. As used by Sara Lopez on her incred..
Релиз Tru-Fire Release Sear Back Tension
• Fully machined components • Heavy brass handle • Adjustable hot / cold setting • 4 sided sear w..
Релиз Tru-Fire Release Synapse Hammer Throw
Thumb trigger activation. Crisp trigger action thanks to precision milled stainless steel co..
Релиз TruGlo Release Detanator Boa
Релиз для стрельбы из блочного лука TruGlo Detonator имеет удобный захват петли в виде крючка. Это д..
Релиз Сarter Two Shot Release
Carter's Two Shot Release with Buckle Strap is an index-finger release with triple sear which all..
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