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The Hybrid Target Pro™ takes design elements from the proven VersaRest™ platform and puts them in a more streamline package that is 26% lighter. The Zero Tolerance Technology™ is key to ensure that there is no lateral play in the shaft and the rotation action is silky smooth. The launcher shaft rides on two over-sized sealed stainless steel ball bearings that won’t wear out, but continue to rotate smoothly shot after shot. The Hybrid Target Pro™ also adopts adjustment features like Zero Stop Technology™ for the up and down positions of the launcher which makes for an absolute repeatable launcher position ensuring accuracy

  • Slimmed down 26% weight reduction
  • Full microtune windage and vertical adjustments
  • Zero Tolerance eliminates any lateral play in the launcher's shaft, very durable, super smooth, tremendous consistency each & every shot
  • Zero Stop allows up & down launcher positions after being set, to go back into the exact same location after each shot
  • Multiple settings, top or bottom limb actuated or cable driven fall away or fixed blade
  • Stainless steel backer plate supports launcher blade while being used as a fall away prevents blade from bending
  • Textured spring knob for precise tuning
  • Non-slip, 8 sided compression clamp design of lever arm
  • Anti-bounce back dampening coil eliminates bounce back after the shot
  • Incredibly tunable for target archers for ultimate accuracy
  • High quality non-stretch material attachment cord
  • Endorsed by Dave Cousins, David Houser, Tim Gillingham, Sharon Carpenter and Sam Wolthius
  • Fully illustrated installation instructions
  • Available in black colour only
  • Comes in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Made in USA

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